Leader And Team Development

Have you ever wondered why some colleagues listen to your ideas, your feedback or your direction while some don’t?

How about your staff? Why do some require so much more of your guidance and reassurance than others? Then there’s the boss. You can’t seem to move a muscle without justifying your actions. Your manager needs every detail, every action step planned, even though you’ve proven yourself repeatedly.

Whether working on a challenging team, guiding employees to meet annual goals while understaffed, initiating changes in roles and responsibilities with colleagues or speaking to influence community constituents, professionals at all levels are often frustrated by differences in the way others communicate, approach solving problems, make decisions, provide feedback, manage their work and stress or fail to accept personal responsibility for lack of results.

The good news is there’s a simple,
yet incredibly powerful tool to help us
understand ourselves AND those with whom we spend so much of our personal and professional hours.

Everything DiSC® helps us build more effective working relationships
based on an understanding of the strengths and potential blind spots of our unique behavioral styles.

Based on research into differences; not difficulties identified by workplace colleagues as far back as the 1950s, this DiSC model is now translated into over a dozen different languages and leveraged in workplaces and community environments internationally!

Examples of Recent (Customized) Workshops and Keynotes

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Sheila K Consulting facilitators will work with you to customize learning experiences for you and your teams often using the
Everything DiSC© or Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™suite of profiles.

We consult, design, facilitate and support you OR train your facilitators and leaders to lead these opportunities.

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