Facilitation, Presentation and Train the Trainer

Audiences don’t care what you say; they only care about what they’re left with after you’ve said it
~ Andy Bounds

Listen up Leaders. 15 Tips for Nailing Your Pubic Speaking Presentations

Presenters, facilitators and trainers…

know that the greatest impact they’ll have with audiences comes from the upfront work of clarifying goals or outcomes expected, matching these to creative engaging and effective methods of instruction that go way beyond traditional lecture, then designing audience and participant centered materials and practicing their delivery…
LONG before standing in front of the audience.

We offer tools and guidance to help

    • Confirm that a presentation is, indeed, the best method of instruction
    • Work with subject matter experts creating relevant, meaningful content
    • Consider the context for your specific audience
    • Integrate openers, “hooks,” energizers, activities or exercises that engage audiences
    • Prepare opportunities for audiences to experience; even practice new skills or applications before they leave the comfort of the conference room
    • Anticipate questions and even resistance as you conclude with a committed call to action
    • Discover who is in your audience–what they already know and what will be new to them in order to be flexible—giving them only what they need
    • Manage your own presence, jitters and flexibility working with diverse audience members’ needs
    • Use tools to evaluate learning retention throughout your presentation
    • Choose recommendation strategies to follow up with participants

Examples of Recent (Customized) Workshops and Keynotes

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Engage ’em in the First 2 Minutes!

Fresh Ideas to WOW Your Audience!

Inspire Your Audience to ACTION

Individual and Peer Coaching for Presenters

Evaluate Learning DURING Your Presentation – 5 Ways to Measure Your Effectiveness as a Presenter

“Sheila is a master at both the strategy & techniques of being a great presenter. I have worked with her on a variety of levels most recently as an attendee at a workshop presentation. She has the ability to engage the audience with humor, enthusiasm, questions or activities and has you wanting more at the end. Whether hiring Sheila to help leaders create and deliver compelling presentations or to train your trainers the result of developing better communications is essential to any organization.”
JoAnne Funch, Owner, LinkedIn for Business

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