Developing Coaches, Presenters & Trainers

Just as Andy Bounds (The Jelly Effect), agrees, we’ll realize greater influence—even WOW our audiences when we begin with the end in mind. That is; consider what we want our listeners to take away and act upon based on the time they spend with us.

Presenters, facilitator and trainers know that having their greatest impact on audiences –groups of 2 to 2000 comes from the upfront work of clarifying goals or outcomes expected, matching them to creative yet effective methods of instruction that go way beyond traditional lecture, designing audience and participant centered materials and practicing their deliver… LONG before standing in front of the audience.

"Audiences don't care what you say; they only care about what they're left with after you've said it"

Presenters, facilitator and trainers benefit by including:

• Confirming that a presentation is, indeed, the best method of instruction.

• Knowing the content and the context for each specific audience.

• Getting comfortable with participants–what they already know and what will be new to them.

• Preparing opportunities for audiences to experience; even practice new skills or applications before they leave the comfort of the conference room.

• Integrating openers, “hooks,” energizers, activities or exercises that engage audiences.

• Anticipate questions and even resistance as you end with a committed call to action.

• Manage your own presence, jitters and flexibility working with diverse audience members’ needs.

Potential Learning Objectives

  • Initiate a consulting checklist with each speaking or training sponsors to ensure appropriate presentation style, use of media and materials and all logistics.
  • Employ tools to gather pre-session audience information allowing content customization.
  • Integrate audience engagement techniques, activity debriefing questions, checks for understanding and evaluation into each presentation.
  • Use specifically designed toolkits to help individuals and teams determine the most appropriate customization of assessment profiles and tools for internal clients to accomplish their expectations and outcomes.
  • Integrate new technology like audience polling, online follow up discussion groups and social media connections for ongoing support.
  • Create new, more effective presentation media such as PowerPoint using appropriate design principles meeting the unique needs of adult learners.


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