Client Testimonials

“The City of Fridley worked with Sheila to conduct a city-wide Respectful Workplace Training program for all employees in our organization. We found her to be an excellent presenter and very effective in dealing with sensitive topics. Her compassionate and approachable style was helpful in engaging all audiences and provided useful solutions for employees and supervisors alike in dealing with difficult behavior and in cultivating and improving a culture of respect for our organization.”
Debbie Dahl, Director of Human Resources, City of Fridley
“Sheila – I just wanted to thank you for the public speaking tips. Thinking about my public speaking apprehension in the 3rd person really made a difference.”
Jeff Gambro, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones
“Trailblazer, detail watcher, team builder. Sheila embraced the challenge of leading the first ASTD-TCC regional conference with great passion and attention to detail. She listened to members “needs”, and crafted a 1.5 day conference to meet those needs – mobilizing dozens of volunteers to make it happen. The foundation that Sheila built in 2006 continues to be used – making the duties easier for those who followed as the conference chair. Kudos to her for her energy and passion and vision.”
“Yesterday was great! Your presentation was perfect in so many ways for our group. I so appreciate your time and the energy that went into prep and meeting the gang. We want you back again next year!”
“Sheila is a dynamic speaker and facilitator who engages her audience. She does an excellent job working with governments on Respectful Workforce Training. The Work of Leaders and Management/Leadership Teams. Her methods and tools give great feedback and motivate personnel. She is great to work with and customizes to meet your needs and offers great suggestions to deal with complex HR problems and issues. She understands the dynamics of governments and the issues they face both from the elected officials point of view and the governments staff be it administrative, management, or line employees.”
Sue Iverson, City Administrator, City of Arden Hills
“In tackling our project, Sheila assessed needs from multiple perspectives and designed and delivered programming that exceeded our expectations. Sheila’s keen mind and business acumen establishes credibility with senior-level decision makers, and her capacity for empathy and relational skill helps her effectively bridge with employees at all levels.”
“I have had the opportunity to work with Sheila for many years in various capacities spanning different organizations. She is professional, flexible, and dedicated to nurturing long-term relationships with clients and colleagues alike. Sheila is a wonderful resource and business partner who focuses on finding creative solutions to support facilitators and trainers.”
Tani Bialik, PhD, U of M, Director of Professional Leadership Development , RSM US (Formerly McGladrey)
“Sheila Krejci is one of the best presenters I have encountered! Sheila’s training is very engaging, interesting, professional yet practical, and relevant to any kind of business or organization, including those engaged in the practice of law. As part of my legal practice (representing cities in Minnesota), I defend clients in litigation as well as present training sessions on various issues to clients. I have already incorporated many of Sheila’s techniques into my presentations. I rave about Sheila to my colleagues. Retain Sheila; you will not regret the decision!”
Jana Sullivan, Attorney, League of Minnesota Cities
“Sheila has been a valuable business partner. Providing clients with tools to help improve workplace effectiveness and staying on top of trends in the training and development industry has positioned her as a leader in our Inscape Publishing community.”
Julie Straw, VP, Wiley Publishing
“Sheila Krejci impressed me with the way she was able to get and keep the attention of a large group of women who knew each other. Masterful job. She enticed them to interact by asking relevant, thought-provoking questions. I could see they were intrigued and eager for her next activity. She was great at using their names and humor to put them at ease. Her energy and passion reached out to the audience as she walked back and forth across the front, making eye contact and strong connections. Her effort received 5 stars from every response.”
Connie Anderson, President, Words and Deeds
“Sheila is a master at both the strategy & techniques of being a great presenter. I have worked with her on a variety of levels most recently as an attendee at a workshop presentation. She has the ability to engage the audience with humor, enthusiasm, questions or activities and has you wanting more at the end. Whether hiring Sheila to help leaders create and deliver compelling presentations or to train your trainers the result of developing better communications is essential to any organization.”
JoAnne Funch, Owner, LinkedIn for Business
“I’ve worked side-by-side with Sheila Krejci. I’ve invited her to work with my clients and I’ve asked her to fill in for me when I wasn’t available for them myself. Those are not decisions made lightly, but they are decisions I will continue to make because Sheila is skilled, knowledgeable, personable, and professional. She is exceptional at training, facilitation and coaching for both small businesses and corporate offices.”
Brian McDermott, Chief Storyteller, GrowthWorks Inc.
“Sheila Krejci has the ability to calm and energize her clients at the same time. I have had the pleasure of seeing her lead a session on public speaking tips, and I’ve had a one-on-one discussion with her about my specific needs as a speaker. Although I have been speaking for many years, I sought Sheila’s expertise about speaking to a difficult audience requiring great finesse. Sheila listened carefully to my concerns and provided many ideas for this specific situation. She calmed my anxiety about the audience and energized me to deliver the right message in the right way. Both during my individual session with her and in the group session I attended, I came away with many excellent ways to move my audience and deliver my message in a meaningful and engaging way. I would recommend Sheila to anyone needing coaching on speaking to a wide variety of audiences. Her training is universal to all who must speak for a living.”
“Sheila listens to your needs, then shares a ton of ideas as she works in groups, and individually, to help each attendee better understand how adults learn, practice new methods, and improve their presentation style comfortably. We immediately incorporated Shiela’s techniques in our workshop presentations from ragged starts to mining the gold to wordless PowerPoint slides to the plethora of other choices. Each technique helped increase attendee participation.”
Chris White, Coordinator, League of Minnesota Cities
“Sheila is serious about the quality of the product she develops and delivers and her attention to detail is excellent. Sheila takes the time to understand her audience and then delivers meaningful information in a way the audience can relate to, and best learn from. In addition to Sheila’s work product, Sheila proved herself to be a true professional to work with. Sheila maintains a high level of integrity in all of her dealings.”
George Esbensen, Fire Chief/Director of Emergency Preparedness, City of Eden Prairie
“I attended two of Sheila’s sessions at the AZ SHRM Conference this year. “Engaging Experts” was a particularly phenomenal session! Not only was Sheila very energetic and engaging, but by the end of our time with her she had all of us participants being more energetic and engaging! Her session really transformed how I view putting my presentations and trainings together and gave me awesome tools and techniques to utilize in my career. I very much look forward to being able to attend more of Sheila’s sessions in the future. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to get their target audience moving!”
Christine Rosso Miller, Legislative Affairs Director, Arizona State Society of Human Resources Professionals
Adult learning techniques leap immediately to MY mind because I learned them by EXPERIENCING them when I took a class from Sheila Krejci on adult learning. And if I need more or different ideas I can simply page through Sheila’s book “The Engaging Expert”. Many people in my organization are guest speakers at multiple training and conference events each year. All of our speakers go through Sheila’s training.
Cheryl Brennan, Manager, League of Minnesota Cities
“Sheila was instrumental in our effort to bring our shared values into a sharper focus, then became a major asset to our organization by helping us to communicate these shared values via a variety of tools to a very diverse employee base. She did great work for us.”
Scott H. Neal, City Administrator, City of Edina