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Turn Your Team Around but Please, No NEW Team Assessments!

I just finished reading an article with yet another Personality Assessment Tool. This NEW triangle model clearly suggests…nothing new. Those of us who have consulted and coached working professionals, leaders and their teams for many years know that on a team: 1) Working Style, more importantly; one’s willingness to be flexible with their working style; [...]

Listen Up Leaders! 15 Tips for Nailing Your Presentations!

Public Speaking Success is Intentional As my colleagues and I work with leaders at all levels in organizations today, it is clear that leaders are called upon to articulate their ideas in formal presentations as part of their normal  responsibilities more than ever before. Whether that means presenting a client proposal, introducing a new initiative, guiding [...]

Team Inspiration from The Boys in The Boat

Team Inspiration from The Boys in The Boat   by Sheila K. on June 2nd, 2015 ​To see a winning crew (team) in action is to witness a perfect harmony in which everything is right…That is the formula for endurance and success; rowing with the heart and hand as well as physical strength. The Boys [...]