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In the past twenty-plus years helping leaders and teams become more efficient, more effective, more passionate in their collaborative work, one thing has become absolutely clear.

High performing teams, that is; those who accomplish their goals, repeating their success over and over are made up of people who not the same - but DIFFERENT. 

The key is that they recognize, respect and then leverage their individual strengths AND minimize their potential blind spots.

From working with leaders at all levels in corporate america, city government and non profit organizations, Sheila emphasizes "leadership" as an action verb - not a job description. Great leaders INFLUENCE others to take action no matter where they are on the organizational chart. 

The Engaging Expert released!

Sheila K's  book, The Engaging Expert is available on Amazon and in Kindle format!

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Helping Leaders at All Levels Succeed

Sheila K. helps experts successfully share their knowledge

Sheila K's workshops, presentations and coaching sessions help leaders at all levels improve their working relationship skills and inspire action most effectively. Leaders are better able to articulate their vision, engage others, and leverage their expertise motivating themselves and their teams to ACTION!

With her interactive, hand's on approach, practical tools and techniques, AND knowledge of the most latest current adult learning theory and brain research, Sheila's sessions are been called "transformative."
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